Changing Seasons

From the wild flowers that bloom in spring to the animals that hibernate in winter, and the  different temperature and lengths of day Changing Seasons is all about the rhyme and rhythm of life that pulsates with the yearly rotation of the earth around the sun .

  • The Pacific Rhododendron
    This time of the year the Pacific or Coast Rhododendron are in full bloom almost everywhere in Western Washington, and take centerstage along sidewalks, road dividers and in gardens and parks.   The state flower of Washington, national flower of Nepal, provincial flower of Jiangxi,  Rhododendron literally means ‘rose trees with big leaves.’ A mediumContinue reading “The Pacific Rhododendron”
  • Wild Carrot Flower (Daucus Carota)
    I have come across them in many open fields during the summer. I had thought they were just pretty wild flowers until one day, I decided to find out what they are since they are so common here. That’s when my I realized these white flowers are  daucus carota, colloquially known as  wild carrot flowers,Continue reading “Wild Carrot Flower (Daucus Carota)”
  • Summer Wildflowers: Broad-leaved sweet pea
    While walking in the Warren Magnuson Park in Seattle recently we stumbled upon a field of pink broad-leaved sweet pea. The bright pink flowers were stunning in the middle of the open field, right next to a field of white wild carrots flowers (see next post for that :0) Also known as everlasting pea, perennialContinue reading “Summer Wildflowers: Broad-leaved sweet pea”
  • Summer Wildflowers: Chicory
    It’s almost the end of summer, and the wildflowers that have dotted the landscape here for the past couple of months are slowly but surely wilting away. For a few months each year, they have their glory, bathing in the sunshine and warm weather. Over the next couple of posts, I would like to shareContinue reading “Summer Wildflowers: Chicory”
  • Lupine
    Lupine Blooming in late spring and early summer, the lupine (or lupin in Europe, Australia and New Zealand) is one of the most elegant and majestic wild flowers here. It greets you in the parks, along the sidewalks, and stand tall in the meadows and slopes. They spring up in our backyard too. Lupines comeContinue reading “Lupine”

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