Creatures Big and Small

They fly, swim, crawl and hop. Each is intricately created, with unique abilities to contribute to the wide ecosystem.. From the biggest mammal to the tiniest insect, Creatures Big and Small is about the many other living things that co-exist with mankind.

  • Bobcats
    About twice the size of an average domestic cat, the bobcat can be found from Mexico to southern Canada. The most populous wildcat in the US, it is estimated a million bobcats call this region their home. Named for its tail, which looks like it is “bobbed”, the bobcat is often mistaken with its cousinContinue reading “Bobcats”
  • Wild Salmon
    Five types of salmon migrate from the ocean to the freshwater creeks, lakes, streams and rivers in the Pacific Northwest every year to spawn and eventually die– the Chinook (also called King for its size), Coho (or Silver), Pink ( or humpback), Sockeye (or Red ) and Chum (or dog salmon). The Chinook is byContinue reading “Wild Salmon”
  • Raccoons (Procyon lotor)
    They look like masked bandits. And in some ways they are, the bandit part, that is, as they tend to appear in the dark and are very quiet in their movements. Originally from North America, raccoons can be found throughout the United States (besides the Rocky Mountains and southwestern states) as well as parts ofContinue reading “Raccoons (Procyon lotor)”
  • Hoary Marmot (Marmota Caligata)
    We met our first hoary marmot as we were trekking up Mount Rainer and almost mistook it for a groundhog. The difference is the hoary marmot has  gray fur on its shoulders and upper back, hence the name ‘hoary’.   Considered the largest ground squirrel in North America, the adult hoary marmot weighs at leastContinue reading “Hoary Marmot (Marmota Caligata)”
  • Creatures Big and Small-Canadian Geese
    Canadian Geese (Branta canadensis) Bigger than a Mallard Bird, smaller than a Mute Swan, the Canadian Geese is a common sight in the Pacific Northwest in spring and all through summer and fall. Relatively huge water birds with a long neck, long body, huge webbed feet, and a wide, flat bill, the Canadian Geese areContinue reading “Creatures Big and Small-Canadian Geese”

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