Changing Seasons-Lupine

Lupine Blooming in late spring and early summer, the lupine (or lupin in Europe, Australia and New Zealand) is one of the most elegant and majestic wild flowers here. It greets you in the parks, along the sidewalks, and stand tall in the meadows and slopes. They spring up in our backyard too. Lupines comeContinue reading “Changing Seasons-Lupine”

Changing Seasons-Summer Wild Berries

Summer Wild Berries Summer is the berry season here in the Pacific Northwest. Wild berry plants greet you everywhere you walk. Here are some of the more common edible berries. Oregon Grapes One of the first types of berry plants to fruit is the Oregon grape, also known as hollygrape because its leaves resemble theContinue reading “Changing Seasons-Summer Wild Berries”