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Coming from urban Singapore, we can’t help but be constantly awed by the natural beauty around us in the Greater Seattle region. From the lakes to the mountains, to the animals and the flora and fauna, this area is nature’s haven. So we decided to start this blog to share about the natural sights and wonders in this area. In our travels here as well as in other places, we have always included nature in our itineraries because it is relaxing to be immersed in nature. And we want to share that with you too…

We hope this blog will inspire you to appreciate and enjoy the nature around you, and also find time to explore some of these places.

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15 thoughts on “Home

  1. Great. From now on I’ll only think you are still staying at Normanton or Tiara sending me pictures of your holidays in other countries. Well done all of you!

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  2. I tried to get into your blog: nature. I appreciate the elegant text and beautiful pictures. I also used the blog for the first time. Thank you and your son.

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    1. Thank you for sharing all these pictures of the nature. I haven’t got a lot of chances to go around and look at the nature since the pandemic started, so it’s really nice to see those pictures.


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