Idylwood Beach Park

We stumbled upon this park while looking for a trail a few days ago and were very glad we decided to explore this 18-acre park that opens up to a wide vista of Lake Sammamish.

It is autumn and no one is swimming, so we just walk along the 250-feet shoreline and take in the peaceful and serene environment.  On one side is a view of forested hills beyond Marymoor Park and on the other, Sammamish Slough.

On a clear day like this, the reflection off the lake is spectacular, especially with trees adorning their autumn colors.

We have company though – both the Canadian geese and the wood ducks each staked their claims in different areas of the of the lakefront.

The northern side of the park features a huge grassy meadow and a shelter for picnics. On autumn days, it is therapeutic just to sit on the grass and watch the leaves fall from maple, chestnut, spruce and black locust trees and enjoy the changing colors.

Kids who tire of running on the open lawn can also explore the playground with swings and other play structures.

Idylwood Creek flows through the center of the park and drains into the lake. The forested wetland in the southern side of the park provides habitat for wildlife, including coho salmon and coastal trout.

After doing more research on the park, we found out this was a popular summer destination for those living in Seattle in the 1920s and 30s to escape the heat.  Today, the park is easy to get to from the main road, and has a parking lot for easy access.

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