Cherry Blossoms at the University of Washington

The arrival of spring usually means one thing at the University of Washington – the eagerly awaited cherry blossom season.

Students and visitors all over the Seattle suburbs flock to the university, and especially to the quadrangle, fondly known as the Quad, to view the blossoms.  It is here that many spent their spring days strolling around, immersed in the charm of the cherry blossoms, or lazing around on their picnic mats for an afternoon snack.

This picture was taken in early April

The 29 iconic  Somei-yoshino cherry trees turned 88 years this year. They were originally planted in the nearby arboretum but were moved to the campus in 1962.

Bloom time and duration is influence by temperature and sunlight. Once in bloom, cooler temperatures, dry weather and low wind will keep the blossoms on the trees longer.

What’s eye-catching about these Yoshino trees is that white-pink blossoms bloom before their leaves start filling in.

Apart from the Quad, the University of Washington campus has almost 90 other varieties of cherry blossom trees all over the campus. Ranging from the Kwanzan and Hisakura that are brighter in color and bloom after the Yoshino, to the lone black cherry tree.

And one sunny day, a visit to the University of Washington in spring will also yield a magical snow-covered Mount Rainer in the backdrop.

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