2014 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

Not the typical nature post. In my college years I began going to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. We used these trips to make studies of livestock and sceneries on our sketch books. For photography I used to sign out a SLR camera from the college and take photos in B&W. I would then developed them in the darkroom.

20+ years later I revisited the fair and was taking digital pictures. When I was editing the photos I found I liked the B&W conversions. They brought fond memories of my college years and seemed to stand out more than the colour images. I suppose the elimination of colour brought the subject into focus. They also seem dated like an old photo showing the past and the present to be not much different.

The fair also reminded me of my father who was an agricultural scientist in his old career. Around this time last year my father entered the hospital never to return home. Reminiscing on my past I remember skipping school and flying with him on a Cessna to a rural farm community. On other trips we would drive to farms away from the city. I’d spend my days wandering around the communities when he was at work.

I suppose I have always had a liking to farmland and the farming life even if I have lived in another country (Canada) for the past 31 years. I still do drives out into the countryside for nature photos and love to getaway from the city. Visiting the fair brought a balance to my busy city life, I seem to like the best of both worlds (hinting on whats to come).















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