Everything decays



I still do not have time from my day-to-day schedule to take or post nature photos. As a result it seems like the only photos I have recently posted are from vacations. You might not be so interested in vacation photos so this would be the last of my shots from Puerto Rico. Appropriately like my everything-nature site, it is a shot of a derelict building, neglected and becoming part of the environment. It has a natural beauty in its decomposition, however nobody is home.

This also shows I am venturing further beyond nature photos to photograph buildings (architecture), places, people, and things. So the site I have seems to limit my perspective. I’ll let you know if or when I have another website address.

If you all would like to see the full series of shots taken in Puerto Rico, I have them posted in a Flickr set : https://flic.kr/s/aHsjZMYerF



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